Owner FAQ

Q.  Do we need to have an exclusive agreement with your company for you to rent our property?

A.  No, we do not require an exclusive agreement to have your property listed in our inventory.  We offer flexible management options tailored to meet your individual needs.

Q.  Are there any fees to enlist your services?

A.  No, there are no fees.  We provide our extensive services and professional expertise based on a competitive commission model.

Q.  How much is your commission?

A.  Commissions vary by the type of rental model you choose that works best for your particular situation.  We would be happy to discuss your needs with you to see how we can help you achieve your desired goals.

Q.  What services do you provide?    

A.  We are a locally owned full service real estate agency and vacation rental company in business since 1979.  We provide an end-to-end solution to your rental needs.  The services we provide in all aspects of real estate sales and rentals are comprehensive.  We are a leader in marketing driven strategies and our professional team will work hard in your best interest to help maximize your return and provide essential care to protect your investment. 

Q.  What is required of me to rent my home?

A.  We find that effective communication is important between the owner and our agency to ensure a smooth rental process.  We set very high-standards to enhance the visitors vacation experience and ensure guest satisfaction.  In general, we require all our properties to be well maintained homes in desirable locations, fully furnished and tastefully appointed.  All appliances, utilities and mechanicals must be maintained and in good working order.  Owners are required to supply fresh bed linens, towels and have a fully equipped kitchen. 

Q.  Who Pays for housekeeping?

A.  Housekeeping and cleaning fees are paid by the tenant.

Q.  How do you manage the calendar for my property?

A.  Calendars are managed through our sophisticated reservation system.

Q.  How will you market my property?

A.  We are the only agency to have an in-house marketing department.  We employ a variety of pro-active marketing strategies and we are confident that you will benefit from the superior quality and execution of our collateral materials over other agencies.  For some print examples, you can view our lifestyle/real estate magazines reaching RegionalNational and International markets.  

Q.  Whats the market like for vacation rentals in Lake Placid?

A.  Lake Placid is a second-home market resort destination with a vibrant vacation rental business thanks to our 2.1 million overnight visitors who travel through our area each year.

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