We are glad you decided to spend some time with us and hope you enjoy your stay in the Lake Placid and the Adirondack region. Our region certainly has much to offer. While you are here you may be staying in one of our residential neighborhoods. We ask you to be considerate of your neighbors, just as you are at home.

You can find information regarding all the unique activities associated with our area at


lf you have any concerns or questions about your rental, the workings of appliances, or the details of your stay please call the 24-hour contact number listed on the permit near your front door or consult the Owner’s Welcome Information.

9-1-1 calls should be limited to medical or police emergencies.


Please adhere to the occupancy limits indicated below.

6 or more2 per bedroom +2Twice Overnight
*Daytime occupancy is from 6 AM to 10 PM.
Occupancy for studio apartments is based upon square footage.


Please adhere to the map and description of the parking plan as provided by the owner/operator of your rental. The maximum number of motor vehicles for a short- term rental shall be one vehicle per bedroom. Parking spaces may not be located on any part of the lawn or on any part of a sidewalk. Like any other community, we ask you to obey all regulations when parking in public.


We believe everyone, including our visitors, is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their residence. Please try to keep any noise at a minimum. While the Village and Town Noise Ordinances are not identical, the rule of thumb is noise generated on any property should not be heard inside a neighbor’s home.

9 PM to 7 AM are designated quiet hours in our community. We work hard and play hard so we need our rest.


In order to promote safety all fires must be tended, in a contained area, and smaller than 3 feet in circumference. Campfires are not allowed after 10 PM within the boundaries of the Village of Lake Placid.


We live in a forested park along with many types of animals, including bears. They tend to get into garbage so please keep your bins secure and follow the trash and recycling plan as provided by the owner/operator of your rental.


We are a dog friendly community, but please note pets are not allowed in most Village Parks (Peacock Park / Municipal Beach, Mid’s Park, and One Main Park) because many people tend to congregate in them during our many events. All dogs must also be kept on a leash unless you are walking one of our community trails with a posted notice that specifically provides a leash exemption. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Pet waste disposal bags are conveniently located on most of the trails and along the walk around Mirror Lake.

We expect and appreciate your cooperation, but violations of the law can lead to substantial fines and penalties.